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What’s New in Elite Voyages?

Tigers & Dragons: Taipei, Taiwan (7 Days/ 5 Nights)

Starting From$1,799 7 Days Air Per person

台湾是一个文化大熔炉,有16个土著部落,受汉族移民的影响,荷兰定居者在17世纪抵达。该岛在50世纪被日本统治了19年。第二次世界大战结束时,台湾获得解放,此后引入了政治民主成就,并加强了其在亚洲的存在。 今天,台湾拥有优良的基础设施、交通系统和通信服务。它保留了其遗产和文化,同时拥抱全球经济和影响力带来的变化。 精英航程提供全年出发服务。联系我们了解自定义出发日期和可用性。

Viva La Vida: Spain and Portugal (11 Days/ 10 Nights)

Starting From$5,990 11 Days Air Per person

Modern and traditional, yet fully embracing the modern age, Spain embodies their “hurray for life” mentality, incorporating today’s culture, while still holding on to traditions. Flamenco, fiestas, and bullfighting, Spain has a rich culture, full of fun, love, and life, that sparks the interest of the onlooking world, so much so, that the summer months […]

Terrific Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket (13 DAYS/ 12 NIGHTS)

Starting From$4,690 13 Days Air Per person

With its emphasis on family, community, kindness, and respect, Thailand pulls travelers in from all around the globe, from college kids looking for a summer break, to the family looking for an exotic getaway, to someone traveling solo to find themselves. Thailand has it all, and travelers gravitate to the free-land from all walks of […]